Create Lotus Notes reports in Excel quickly

Lotus Notes Reporting

Create Reports in Excel or CSV for Lotus Notes
Simple. Small download (under 5MB)
Runs on Microsoft Windows (32 bit or 64 bit) - See full requirements

Convert data to your file system

Why choose ExportWiz?

How to get your Lotus Notes data into an Excel spreadsheet, CSV or delimited text file fast with ExportWiz

Save yourself hours of effort - work smart. Report or Export - ExportWiz is the tool to use. Simply select and click - all the information you want - the way you want it. Since 2002 companies have been taking advantage of ExportWiz and you can too.

Updated version - ExportWiz 2010

Immediately view results in Excel, CSV or delimited text files. You decide what you want to see. All with no development required. You can even pre-format your excel output in templates you create or modify on the fly. All saved directly into ExportWiz

Chart your data, apply excel formulas to cells, Format and create multiple sheet reports. ExportWiz gives you the flexibility and power to create almost any report you need.

ExportWiz is SOE (standard operating environment) friendly. Besides Excel, no additional software is required. There are no special drivers or installation routines. This makes it possible to implement in corporate environments where standard operating environments restrict the software loaded.

Being able to accurately assess and analyse what is happening in your business is vitally important. If you are currently printing lists, writing figures on paper and manually entering information into Excel then it's unlikely you compile statistics very often. In fact it's more likely something you avoid until absolutely urgent. The habit of doing the urgent at the expense of what's important is very dangerous.

How can you quantify the benefits of up to date analysis? Proper analysis can, will and does make or break companies. How much time can you save? How much eye strain can you prevent? How many mistakes can you avoid?

Look smart. Once you've use it you will realise how much time and effort it saves you. These are real savings you can quantify. Make your boss happy by showing how you can dramatically lower development costs. This one product allows you to quickly create reports on any Lotus Notes database you have access to. Once a report is defined it can be made available to any licensed user or restricted to individuals you define.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any of our products we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee.