ExportWiz Editions

ExportWiz Available Editions

ExportWiz Editions

ExportWiz is available in several editions. Select the appropriate edition to view pricing or click compare editions.

Standard Edition

Indended for exporting or basic reporting. Allows you to export to preformatted Excel templates which you can save and modify on the fly. Has advanced filter options available. Create reports with basic Excel charts. Please note: If you need to do statistical summary reporting please see the professional edition.

Professional Edition

We highly recommended you consider this edition. This edition gives you full power to export and report on your Lotus Notes databases. All of the standard edition features are available plus you can: Create Statistical summaries (i.e. chart number and total of sales per week per department), use Lotus Notes Formula language to fine tune or manipulate output, link to and lookup information from other Notes databases (i.e. Address book), Create Pivot tables and more.

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