Migrate your own data or multiple users from Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange with EddieExport

Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange, Accurately and Quickly

Migrate your own data or multiple users from Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange with EddieExport
Simple. Runs with or without installing. Small download (under 10MB)
Runs on Microsoft Windows (32 bit or 64 bit) - See full requirements
Licensed per user (mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, groups and associated archives)
Single user
Multi-user packs
5 for $175, 10 for $270
check larger quantities

Outlook Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any of our products we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Why choose EddieExport?

20 reasons why EddieExport is a better converter for Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange
EddieExport is a significantly better Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange conversion option for the following reasons:
  • Free full technical support for 90 days
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
  • Simple, Easy to Use
  • Keep all of your valuable data including folders, subfolders and structure, attachments, archives and properties
  • The only truly transparent exporter - See what is exported and IMPORTANTLY what is not, even in real time. Full logging (visual and/or to log file)
  • Body in full rich text / HTML export including inline images (i.e. copied and pasted images are preserved), doc links etc.
  • Recovery Mode - restart from recovery point for corrupted files
  • We have been online since 2002 (and in Business since 1997)
  • We only provide expert developer level support - no cheap call centers with frustrating unknowledgeable staff
  • Translation options, convert email addresses within your messages and other items to SMTP format. Specific lookup and/or Formula.
  • Properly deals with recipients/participants – after export you can reply and forward to
  • Fast (up to 10 X faster than other tools), Robust. Transfer 2 - 10 GB per hour local to local or better.
  • Safe, read only - reads Lotus Notes in same way as the Lotus Notes client (via the Lotus Notes C API)
  • No 3rd party drivers or dlls installed. Registry settings not required
  • No corrupt Attachment guarantee
  • Real company physical address - We are real, we develop, sell and support our own products and work hard to assist you - contact us anytime
  • Highly advanced features and settings for advanced usage and automation
  • Customizable interface and install - Can be automatically installed, Interface options can be customized and further simplified with preset settings
  • Single and multi user modes
  • Fair pricing - per user based licensing to lower cost for individuals and make sure proper support is also built-in for larger migrations

Reasons to avoid over 80% of similar tools

Learn the tricks they use to sell you dud software
Reasons to avoid about 80% of the other similar tools and companies that sell them:
  • Skip messages and properties with no warnings (no indication of error - nothing you can follow up or cater for)
  • Hiding of issues which leads you to a false sense of security about the success of an export – an issue may not be discovered until much later
  • Sold by spammers using unscrupulous business practices. They use fake reviews, fake customer images, fake specifications and steal content from other sites including ours. There are lots of websites in this category for this type of tool so please beware. In fact only a handful of the companies are what we would call legitimate. There are lots of websites selling the same and very similar products under different badges (same poor quality software). Literally 100 of websites spamming forums and the search engines from the current Goggle web results fall into this category. They even create their own best top 10 sites and review sites.
  • Slow export (up to 10 X slower) - causes serious problems for multi user export especially if any problems files are encountered.
  • Access Lotus Notes through multiple separate layers of software (more prone to issues from different layers)
  • Installs and requires 3rd party dlls.
  • Forced to Install - always write to registry.
  • Force you to set Outlook as the default mail client (if you don't have access too bad)
  • No listed company physical address on website or false address
  • Poor support or no support - Low cost staff / cheap call centers with frustrating unknowledgeable staff
  • Poor quality development
  • Multiple contact paths – Sellers are not developers, no contact with developers
  • Do not cater for recipient/participant properties correctly (To, From, Send To, Copy To etc.). Cannot reply to or forward email after export
  • Corrupt and missing attachments
  • Do not handle encrypted items
  • Issues with local security
  • In 10 minutes we found 10 serious faults testing one of the tools most easily found on the internet under various different sites
  • Limited options for any advanced settings, not customizable, can not simplify user options

Here is a couple of email extracts from disgruntled users that bought other software, then later came to us:

And in regards to XXXXXXXX. Yeah I think they’re scammers, spammers and everything else. They sold us there junk software and have never responded to my questions.

Thanks again,


Well you’re right about my apprehension due to me finding companies based in XXXXX and of course purchasing software and finding that it was marginal at best. And now we cannot contact anyone for support.

Are they fake, scammers, or just not in the business of supporting their product…? Who knows?

How is it licensed?

  • EddieExport is licensed per mailbox owner which allows us to keep the cost down for individuals while catering properly for the additional support requirements of multi user licenses.
  • A single license includes one users mailbox, address book and associated archives
  • A license must be purchased for each users data you want to convert
  • It doesn't mater what PC you convert from. You can run EddieExport on one or many PCs, it is up to you
  • Just make sure you have a license for each unique users mailbox (which includes an address book and associated archives for that user)
  • You may run it in single user or multi user mode. Just purchase a license for each mailbox owner. A single user will only need 1 license

How does it work?

The process is simple. Once you download EddieExport you can run it without installing or you can choose to install it.

In single user export mode EddieExport uses your settings to automatically locate your mail and address book. You may also select them manually.

In multi user mode (batch mode) you select all of the mailboxes and address books after selecting the multi user option.

The software then does the following;
  • EddieExport reads the Lotus Notes files in read only mode
  • Creates an accurate a copy of each message in Microsoft Outlook
  • Recreates the folder structure as it goes just as it was in Lotus Notes including all subfolders
  • All of the properties and attachments are recreated in the new messages including the original message date and times

So what are you waiting for?

Download a trial of EddieExport today!

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