Frequently Asked Question
We just received your Notice that ExportWiz version 2.0 is now available. We are currently using the beta version 2 with our 10-user license. Should we download a new copy? If so, how do we maintain the reports that we have developed so far?
You should go to the "advanced" menu and choose "Parents/Siblings". Here you will see all report definition documents including any linked ones that are hidden from the standard view. You should expand all categories (using the ++ button top notes menu) and then select CTRL A to select all documents in the view and choose "Edit - Copy". Next - Open the new database goto "advanced" - "Parents/Siblings" and then paste the documents. That's it.

To copy the templates (Excel) go to the source database and select the Lotus Notes Menu option "View" - "Go to" and choose the templates view. Select all the documents you want to copy and choose Edit Copy. The go to the new database and choose the same option (Notes Menu option "View" - "Go to" choose templates) and choode Edit Paste. You should see the templates copied.

If you have any other question or issues please let me know.