Frequently Asked Question
Scheduling ExportWiz Reports
I had a question about the schedule options. From what the help document says, it looks like I need to have access to create files on the server ... and that Excel needs to be on the server if the output is an Excel report. However, the Domino server does not list security by "create file" -- it lists things like run scheduled agents. I do not have the security to run scheduled agents on our server; do you know if this means that I can not use scheduled reports? [Also, how does the process work? I might want to run reports daily, say at 6am; do these scheduled reports run directly from the server, or does the ExportWiz database need to be open at the scheduled time?] Thanks again for your help. Jack
The internal schedule agent in the ExportWiz database (That is set via the configuration options) needs to be set by a user that has access to run scheduled agents. The user would also need to have access to run unrestricted agents (this is required because it creates temporary files at the file server, attaches them to an email and sends, it then deletes the temp file), This is usually done by a Lotus Notes Administrator. Once set however, you can then create scheduled report and specify when they run yourself. One set it runs and keeps running. It's job, the schedule agent, is to check to see if any scheduled reports need to be run, if so it runs them. You do need to have excel loaed on the server for Excel reports but if you want to run Delimited or CSV report scheduled only then Excel does not need to be loaded. All scheduled reports run from the server not locally so you do not need to have it open (You do however need to have ExportWiz installed on your server which I am sure it is)