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Pivot Tables not updating

I have created a report in that feeds an Excel workbook contains several worksheets. The first worksheet, "master", contains all the data that I need to create Pivot Tables that are stored on other worksheets within the workbook.

In order to populate "master", I am using the filter, "prior month".

The first time I prepared the report, everything was fine. However, the second month I'm trying to do this, the "master" report is updated with current (February) data, but the pivot tables still contain data from January.

I've looked at the options in Excel and enabled the "refresh on open" function. This may really be an Excel question and not an ExportWiz question, but I'm finally making some progress with your application, which has been extremely helpful.

Thanks for any assistance.


If you have not specified the Pivot table under the Pivot table options (available via the "PT" for pivot table button [near the chart button] or also in Excel options "Pivot tables linked to this") it may be as simple as linking each pivot table you want updated with the new data.

You need to tell ExportWiz which pivot tables link to the data as you may also have pivot tables you don't want linked to the exported data (i.e.  linking to static data in another sheet).