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ExportWiz Charts
I am using your ExportWiz Lite application. I was trying to see, in demo mode, how the charting function worked. I set in the output options for Excel as follows: the chart sheet to Chart1, and the appropriate column and axis ranges (say d2:d5 and h2:h5 for example). When I run the report, I get an OLE Automation Object Error as well as an error that says "Invalid Excel sheet specified line 1. Chart not updated." If I change the chart name field to sheet2, then I don't get any errors but no chart appears. Could you explain to me why this is happening, and how I can fix it to see the functionality of the charting feature?
It is possible that you don't have the "Excel Sheet" (data sheet) specified (You can leave this blank so it writes to the default opened sheet but this is not valid when using charts). You also only normally specify the column ranges not rows. You say you set d2:d5 and h2:h5 this should be set to d:d and h:h. The row range is automatically set by ExportWiz to match the data in the data sheet. In your example you don't need to but if you need to specify offsets in the rows used for chart data (i.e. you don't want to use all of the data for some reason (not often you would do this)) you specify either relative offsets in the format C(OffsetTop)C(OffsetBottom) where OffsetTop & OffsetBottom are positive or negative figures or you can also specify absolute offsets like C1C5. You would only do this if you want a static unchanging part of your data and your results always include data in that range. Please let me know how you get on after you check Excel Sheet setting. Also, If you are interested we will be releasing a new feature very soon to allow PivotTable/Charts. They allow to create summary charts and tables, with sums, counts based on certain criteria. If you would like a beta copy please let me know.