Frequently Asked Question
Trying to sort my Lotus Notes addresses by catagories and location (postal code) so that I can make sales calls with a list of clients in a particular geographic area. I do not think Lotus Notes will do this. Do you have a product that will allow the sorting described above?
Thanks for your enquiry. Yes we do. Our ExportWiz product lets you create a quick report that you can automatically or manually sort on the criteria you need. What type of database contains your customer information? Is it a name and address book or some sort of Contacts database? If you are using a standard address book I could create an example report for you to try. ExportWiz allows you to predefine reports. You can create and save reports that prompt you for information each time you run them. In your case you could create a report that each time you run prompts for "Region". You enter the region and it displays only the results that match that region. You could also create a report that prompts your to enter a word or partial word to find a match in a certain field like description etc. I apologise if I sound a little over enthusiastic but our software will give you exactly what you need and will let you do a whole range of other things you will probably find useful too.