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Excel Templates
Been playing with Export Wiz and starting to get a feel for it. The pivot table and chart template is cool and works very well. Still needing to do some testing to make sure I can package some reports for the other users in my organization. Question I have is with respect to the templates Do I need to have a new template for each report that I create. I have read through the documentation and am not sure I know the answer. I know I can create new templates but when is a new template required. Sorry if this is an obvious question. What I am looking to do is copy the pivot table template format and then modify it to create about 10 standard reports from about 5 different databases. Just need some clarification to know what I might need to accomplish this using the pivot table and chart template example.
The answer is Yes and No. It depends on what you want to achieve. You can share excel templates across reports. You would do this if you have one report with several similar variances. I.e. you may make one variant a monthly report and the other a yearly. In this case the same format would be used for both reports. If you have reports that are based on different fields and different charts etc you would need to use a new template for each. I hope this clarifies, if not let me know. And if you have any more questions please just ask. No problems at all.