Frequently Asked Question
How can I make a report from lotus notes database

I recommend that you download the application to your c:\notes\data directory (It may be on a drive other than c: and the base directory may be called something other than notes).

Once you have downloaded the application you need to the start lotus notes and add the database to your Lotus Notes desktop (in version 5 choose File - Database – Open, In version 4 choose File – Open - Database) scroll down until you see ExportWiz and open it by double clicking on it or highlighting it and clicking open.

You will be prompted to accept the license agreement. Once you accept this you will be prompted to register or choose demonstration mode. Choose demonstration mode. This will come up each time you use the application while in demo mode.

To create a report click on the button Create Report. This will start the report wizard that will take you through the steps of selecting a database and choosing the information you want to report on.

Now you are ready to run the report. Chose the button View Report. This will create the report in Excel by default and display it immediately. If this does not answer you question and you need more detailed help please post again and ask for more help and I will go into more detail.