Frequently Asked Question
What are Lotus Notes ? Is it a competitor software to MS-Office ? Can I use softwares developed in Microsoft Platform (ASP) on my office network which only uses Lotus Notes ? Will I have any problems with the databases ? What database does Lotus Notes use ? Please help ! urgent ! Thanks !
Lotus Notes is a database and mail client server application that runs on several platforms including Windows NT. It also has a development environment and allows you to develop databases and web applications. It will not run ASP programs directly. Your NT server may be able to if you have one.

There are 2 parts to Lotus Notes, the workstation software and the server software. The only portion that is similar to MS Office is the workstation mail portion, which is similar to Outlook. As a database application it is very different to Microsoft Access. So it doesn’t really complete with MS Office.

Lotus Notes uses it own database format but with development can interface to other types of database.