Frequently Asked Question
I can't seem to get any document to export?

You get no output when running a report (only field headers display in the output)

This may be due to many different reasons

01. You have selected the wrong form.

Select the right form name and try again

02. Your filters or Full Text Query are returning no results

Check your Filters and/or Full Text Search Query (under section View/Query) carefully

03. The form you selected does not contain the saved data but only displays it

The program queries the database using the form name you supply. If this is incorrect the you will get no records returned.

The display form can be different to the form used to store the document. You can check the real form name by going the notes view.


Go to the notes view and right click one of the documents you want to export and choose "Document Properties".

Select the second tab and you can view all of the field in the document (If you can't see fields here it means the design has been hidden).

Scroll down to and select the field called "FORM" to view its field information. The form name in the example above is "Letter". This is the name you need to select in ExportWiz. If the name does not appear in the menu then you can enter it manually (That means the form is not part of the database design - a different form is used to display it and the original form is no longer part of the database design)