Frequently Asked Question
I have downloaded the exportWizLite.nsf file, but what do I do next to use it?

See Install Instructions

The best place to put the downloaded database file ExportWiz.nsf or ExportWizLite.nsf is in your local notes data directory. The notes data directory is where notes stores all of your local personal databases such as your personal address book etc. It also stores your notes desktop and other settings there.

The advantage of putting it in your local directory is that you dont need administrator access as you would to put it on a notes server.

Depending on how your environment is set-up the actual path name may vary. If notes is set-up on your C: drive the directory may be called "c:\notes\data" or "c:\lotus\notes\data". Unfortunately the directory could in theory have any name depending on how it was set-up originally.

You can locate the main notes directory (where the notes executable program is stored) by checking the properties on your Lotus Notes Icon (Right click the icon). Once you have found the main directory you may find the notes data directory is call "data" as a subdirectory within it. You also may not. Another way to find the data directory is to find the "notes.ini" file (usually in the main notes directory, the windows directory or in a location specified in the Notes icons properties box as a parameter of  the executable program). Check the value "Directory=". This value specifies the notes\data directory. Now I have confused you enough? Probably. If you need more help you may need to speak with your notes administrator or IT support people to located the directory.

Once you put the database in your notes data directory you need to open it in Lotus Notes. In version 5 Choose File - Database - Open and select ExportWiz from the list. The server should be local by default and the database should appear here if you managed to put it in the right notes\data directory. In notes 4 choose File - Open  - database.

You should then be able to open and start using the database after accepting the license agreement and registering.