Frequently Asked Question
Unable to export view subtotals
I have purchased a copy of ExportWiz professional. I am unable to get it to export subtotals and totals from my Lotus Notes view. It does export the detail data. What can I do?
ExportWiz will export all documents in a view but it will export the information in each document rather than what you see in the view. It works with the document level information so it can be very flexible. It sounds like you are trying to export what you see in the view rather than the values in individual documents. The view information may be calculated information in the view displayed in Notes. If you need totals and summaries you need to look at it differently (views are static and limited to what they can display). You need to take a look the Summary features in ExportWiz. Please see the help on this topic (and there are also some summary example reports). If you know anything about pivot tables in Excel it is similar but better as it more direct (you can also use pivot tables with ExportWiz but summary is better). After that if you have any questions or need any pointers please let us know.