Frequently Asked Question
Please tell me more about MailExportWiz or NotesMail-Exporter
MailExportWiz (notesMail-Exporter) is a tool to export notes mail files to text files and attachments in directory structures. It doesnt export to a format you could immediately import into Outlook. It is really designed for people who want to write their own code to deal with the data in a known format (i.e.. It is very easy to deal with plain text files). People dont need to know anything about notes or programming in notes. Most people who purchase it use it to archive files (and leave them in text file format) or to import into document management systems. You may be able to do what you need to. It really depend on what you want to do exactly. We are currently creating a tool very similar to this that will allow you to export notes mail directly to Outlook. It should be available by mid September 2002.