Frequently Asked Question
I'm evaluating your product to migrate some mailbox from Lotus Domino Server 6.x to an Exchange 2010; seems that EddieExport works fine BUT we have all software (Domino & Notes and Exchange & Outlook) in Spanish so migration is not perfect because the name of destination folders in Exchange server remains in english, not in Spanish...there are a solution to choose destination folders or respect language?? An another question, we want to do migration one mailbox at a time in only one PC....we need to buy 30 licenses or we can buy only one?. The license is linked to an adress mail?? Thank you
Yes you need a license for each user no matter where you convert the files from. You can modify the default folder names. If you go to Options - Modify Settings File you can edit the following folder names and set as appropriate (for Spanish): OutlookDraftsFolderName=Drafts OutlookSentFolderName=Sent Items OutlookContactsFolderName=Contacts OutlookDistListFolderName=Contacts OutlookCalendarFolderName=Calendar OutlookTasksFolderName=Tasks You can also change the Inbox and other mail folder name like under the View and Folder Rules options (change the Output name in the last dialog box)