Frequently Asked Question
If an exchange mailbox is not empty and we run an export/import with your magic product ;-) what happens when items (like contacts and emails etc) are added to existing ones? Is the destination folder or items is overwriten?
It will just add items to the mailbox, it does not read and remove/update or synchronize anything. It just creates a copy of the messages you export in the Exchange or Outlook mailbox. The term overwrite is really only a valid in regards to file system, it doesn’t apply to databases (like an Exchange mailbox or Outlook mailbox), you don’t overwrite records you add, remove or find and update. To remove them you have to search for them and delete them, To update you have to search for them and update them, EddieExport does not do that – that would be a very slow process for a migration tool. You can filter mail message by date with EddieExport and so only export messages in a particular time date range. You can also use incremental export to only export items that were not already exported. Please note you must have it on the first time you run so it tracks what was exported.