Frequently Asked Question
I am exporting 10 mailboxes to provide 10 users with their historical emails as a test in our new Exchange 2010 environment. To get these emails,calendar items, etc. set up for the users I am attempting to import each PST in to the appropriate users mailbox using the New-MailboxImportRequest cmdlet. On the first PST I tried (1.4GB), this failed at about 14%, and the error in the event log indicates it encountered a corrupt item. The export via EddieExport completed this mailbox with 100% success, so I would expect that all items are valid and I should not encounter any issues importing this PST in to the users mailbox. Please advise what I can do to resolve this issue. Simply skipping over corrupt items is not really an option.
Some messages are probably marked as not importable because they were larger than the default message size limit of Exchange which is 10MB. If you adjust this setting the PST should import to Exchange with 100% success.