Frequently Asked Question
I am trying to work out if ExportWiz is going to be the most appropriate tool for my requirements. A colleague who has now left created a very complex database containing, amongst other things, a whole load of sections for recording financial data & calculations. The database has to be redesigned to make it easier to navigate around and I therefore need to remove all the financial data & put it in a spreadsheet, which they can then access if required. Unfortunately, there are over 250 of these fields. Your lite version will only export 6 fields and up to 500 records, and when I tried to do it using the demo, just to see whether it was possible using the full version, I got an error. I would also like to only export those records that contain data in at least one of the selected fields. Can the full version cope with exporting such a large number of fields, and can I easily specify the selection criteria? Many thanks
Microsoft Excel has a limit of 65,536 rows by 256 columns so that is most likely the limit you are hitting. The full version of ExportWiz does not set any limits. The only limits you may come across are the Lotus Notes limits of around 14,000 bytes for max field size (In the field selection dialogue box). This works out to be about 12,000 bytes after field information overheads so that leaves you with about 800 fields of length 15 characters (800 x 15 = 12,000). You could try to export to CSV or delimited file to avoid this limitation. Setting filters also should not be an issue.