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Unable to Connect to Outlook or default mail client

I just purchased a copy of your tool, and I'm getting the error

Unable to Connect to Outlook or default mail client

when I try to export using your tool.

Any help would be appreciated. We have a user moving Tuesday to another location that runs Exchange and need to get him converted ASAP.

If you have Outlook (not Outlook Express as it is not supported) installed on the PC

The next step is to make sure it to set to the default mail client.

You can do this in Internet Explorer.

From menu, Tools - Internet Options - Programs tab

Email must say Microsoft Outlook. If it already does change it and save then change it back to Microsoft Outlook and save again. Sometimes with automated installs people neglect to update all the necessary registry settings. This should set them corectly.

Please let me know how it goes after that.

Best Regards,
Kim Beros