Frequently Asked Question

The requirements for XitNotes state you need both the Lotus Notes program and the Outlook program on the same machine.

I have my .nsf (450 MB) as a stand alone file on a burned CD and a complete install of the Outlook program on my machine. Will XitNotes still work for me?


Thank you for your enquiry.

If you do not have a copy of Lotus Notes software (Lotus Notes client software) as well as the CD with the .nsf file the answer is no. You can however download an evaluation copy of Lotus Notes from IBM at www.lotus.com in the "Betas and Trials" section and install it to your PC. Then you would be able to export using XitNotes. Please note depending how the CD was created you may need to copy it to hard disk and unmark the file properties as read only before Lotus Notes will let you read it.

There is no software available that will convert formats without both programs present (Outlook and Lotus Notes). Both Lotus Notes and Outlook use complex proprietary formats that can not be accessed directly. It is possible to use some of the Lotus internal files (from the Lotus Notes installation) to avoid using Lotus Notes software, however that is illegal usage of the Lotus Notes product so we can not distribute those files.

Best Regards,
Kim Beros