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Selected Entry Does Not Have a Valid Address
I recently purchased ContactWiz so one of our Outlook users could export his Outlook contacts into a Notes address book from time to time. What we have found is that unless you open each contact in the Notes NAB and save it you are unable to add the contact into a email group(Notes returns an error "Selected Entry Does Not Have a Valid Address". It is my guess that when you save a contact in the Notes Client a field is being set in the document that is not being set during an import. Do you have any ideas how we can avoid opening each contact and saving?

This is due the Full Name (in Advanced tab) field which ContactsWiz does not set. The reason version 1.0 did not set it was that the Outlook Name is not a valid FullName for Lotus Notes. I could however see that it may be handy to set it never the less to save typing etc so what I did was organise a change to ContactsWiz. It now sets the Full Name field using First, Last and Middle initial (If exists). It won't add the Notes organisational qualifiers however as it doesn't know what these are.

You can download version 1.0a at the link below: